Cat Boarding

The Lodge features spacious multi-level Lofts for cats. Our guests enjoy window views from each floor of their Loft, and soft music provides relaxed listening throughout the day and night. Handcrafted four-poster beds are perfect not just for curling up on but also for that feels-so-good chin-rubbing on the posts. Each Loft has a separate (and very private) litter box area. And cat guests dine and drink their water from Neiman-Marcus crystal dishes.

We also offer Buffalo Fish Villa, a private suite for multiple cats from the same household. The Villa's non-slip floor is heated with an individual thermostat, and all walls are glass, providing sun-drenched luxury. A web-cam allows you on-line "visitation" with your cat(s) as they enjoy handcrafted quilts and pillows, the privacy of a rattan-enclosed litter box, and burled redwood climbing furniture.

To further assure your cat's health and safety, there is no transfer of air between individual cat Lofts, nor between the Villa and Lofts. Dream Katcher Lodge is equipped with an Ultraviolet Air Treatment System that minimizes the transfer of air-borne bacteria and prevents mold and other allergens.

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